Once Upon A Mattress

Cast Breakdown

Queen Aggravain: Female, Lead Character, Solo Singer: Alto

Prince Dauntless: Male, Lead Character, Solo Singer: Tenor

Princess Winnifred the Woebegone: Female, Lead Character, Solo Singer: Mezzo-Soprano, Solo Dancer

Minstrel: Male (or Female), Supporting Character, Solo Singer: Tenor (Mezzo-Soprano)

Jester: Male (or Female), Supporting Character, Solo Singer: Tenor (Mezzo-Soprano), Solo Dancer

King Sextimus the Silent: Male, Supporting Character, Silent/Pantomime

Lady Larken: Female, Supporting Character, Solo Singer: Soprano

Sir Harry: Male, Supporting Character, Solo Singer: Tenor

Wizard: Male (or Female), Supporting Character, Baritone (Alto)

Ballet Queen: Female, Featured Dancer

Ballet Prince: Male, Featured Dancer

Ballet Princess: Female, Featured Dancer

Nightingale of Samarkand: Female, Featured Character, Solo Singer: Soprano

Princess #12: Female, Featured Character, Spoken

Sir Studley: Male, Featured Character, Tenor

Sir Luce: Male, Ensemble, Tenor

Lady Rowena: Female, Featured Character, Soprano

Lady Merrill: Female, Featured Ensemble, Mezzo-Soprano

Lady Lucille: Female, Featured Ensemble, Alto

Sir Harold: Male, Ensemble, Dancer

Lady Beatrice: Female, Ensemble, Dancer

Lady Mabelle: Female, Featured Ensemble, Dancer/Spoken

Knight 1: Male, Ensemble, Tenor

Knight 2: Male, Ensemble, Tenor

Knight 3: Male, Ensemble, Spoken