Krider Idol Official Rules

Format for Krider Idol

    Ages 9-12 (must be between 9 and 12 on Jan. 1): Each contestant must be prepared to perform one act. There will be one round. The judges will then pick the winner who will receive a $50 cash prize.

    Ages 13(must be 13 on Jan 1)-18(undergraduate only): Each contestant must be prepared to perform two acts. There will be two rounds with the first round eliminating to the Top Five. The Top Five will then perform their next act in the second round. The judges will pick the Top Two with first place receiving $100.

  Group Category (Age 9-18 Undergraduate): Each group must be prepared to perform one act.  Contestants who compete in the group category are also allowed to compete as individuals.  The Group category will receive a $100 Cash Prize. 


A $25 Cash Prize will be awarded to the contestant who sells the most tickets.  *Group sales will be noted by individuals in each group. 


Rules for Krider Idol

All acts must be clean and free from profanity. This will be a family show and if the content is not clean the contestant(s) will be disqualified, and the act may be cut during the performance or during dress rehearsal. The judges will be open to all styles of content and mediums. Each performance should last no longer than five minutes or the contestant will lose five points from their total score for exceeding that time limit. The ages of the contestants will range from 9-18(see above); this competition is open to all of West Tennessee. The performances will be graded on a scale of 1-100. The Top Five in the 13-18 age bracket will be expected to perform in the second round. If they cannot perform the contestant with the next highest score will take their place.




The judges will score the contestants on a scale of 1-100. The three judges will then total the three scores thus producing the contestant’s final score. A note will be made at the bottom of the score sheet if points are deducted from the performance for breaking the rules. There will be no ties for the second round, or the final result.




Each individual interested in participating in Krider Idol 2015 must attend the mandatory audition. Details coming soon. Individuals who pass the audition and are chosen to be a contestant in the competition will be contacted the day of the audition. If you are NOT contacted than you will not be participating in the competition. If you are a chosen contestant you will be assigned a time for dress rehearsal and notified of this time when you are contacted. Once contestants are chosen, each will be required to pay a $10.00 entry fee to Paris/Henry County Arts Council, P.O. Box 1045, Paris, TN., in order to participate in the contest. We ask that all contestants sell a minimum of ten tickets.


We ask that all contestants wear appropriate attire to the performance. (If you can’t wear it to school, do not wear it on stage—with the exception of hats.) We will be having a full dress rehearsal at the Krider Performing Arts Center on the Saturday of the performance. If you cannot attend please understand that you will not be adequately prepared for your portion of the evening competition. Anyone whose performance does not meet the guidelines or requirements at that rehearsal will be asked to leave.