Arts 'round the square Official rules

1. All work must be original design by the artist. NO BUY/SELL items accepted. No Kits, Molds or Greenware items, no type of commercial, imported or mass produced items.

2. Booth spots are 12' x 12' and will be assigned by the committee.  Request for same spot as last year will be honored when possible. Any requests must be noted on application form.

3. Three photos representing your work and one of your display must accompany your application and entry fee.

4. In order to avoid paying late registration, online applications must be submitted by 5:00 pm on the deadline date and applications submitted by mail must be postmarked on or before the deadline. Make check payable & send to:

Paris-Henry County Arts Council

P.O.Box 1045, Paris, TN 38242

Applications Deadline: September 15, 2018


5. Artist may enter more than one category. However, entry fees are required for each category that is to be judged.

6. One artist per booth. Those who wish to show as a group will not be eligible to win awards. Artist are welcome and encouraged to bring an assistant.

7. Demonstration of your work is highly encouraged.

8. Artist are responsible for their own display and protection from the weather. We do not provide tents. We will have volunteers on site to assist you with canopies and large items, but each artist is responsible for setting up and tearing down your own display. 

9. No Generators allowed. No electricity available.

10. No stakes on asphalt, concrete or bricks.

11. Arts Council members will be on-site and ready to check-in at 7:00 am. No unloading is allowed before 7:00. All Vehicles must be removed from area by 9:00 am. Parking permitted in designated area only, as shown on your map. Vehicles cannot return to area to load-out before 4:00 pm. Please reserve parking on the square for customers!

This is a family oriented show and if any work is deemed unacceptable will be removed.

We will have volunteers available to lend a helping hand in most capacities: such as unloading, booth sitting, or loading up at end of show. (This does not include packing your artwork/wares.) Please request help at the Arts Council Booth.

Awards will be at the discretion of the judges.  Awards include: "Best of Show" for $300.00, "Reserve Best of Show" for $200.00, and "People's Choice" for $100.00.