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Comedian Larry Weaver February 14


Welcome to The Paris-Henry County Arts Council web site. The Arts Council was created in 1967 in order to promote, encourage and stimulate appreciation of and involvement in the arts in Paris and Henry County. Today, 40 years later, the Arts Council is still meeting that goal.


In collaboration with the Paris Henry County Arts Council, the Youth for the Arts program supports developing meaningful activities for Paris and Henry County youth. Programs include both visual and performing arts, increasing visibility of area youth and their artistic endeavors. Out intent is to engage youth in learning more about the arts,empowering them to grow as individuals and providing them with opportunities for self-expression. Activities such as the Krider Idol competition will provide leadership and educational experiences for area youth.


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2015 Scholarship Winners

The Arts Council is pleased to announce the 2015 College Scholarship winners. Out of a crowded field of applicants for starting and returning college students, with an emphasis on an art related field, we have chosen 3 students to receive awards. They are: Imari Thompson, a theater and music major; Bobbi Kirk, an art major and Amanda Jones, who won the Bernice Hart Memorial Arts Scholarship, as a theater and music major. Congratulations to all these talented, young artists!

To help our dreams become a reality, it takes generous gifts from the public to fund our programs. No gift is too small. We welcome and encourage honorariums, memorials, and designated gifts - all are tax deductible. Please click the link below to select your level of committment. PayPal will be available.

Tax Deductible Contributions

The Paris - Henry County Arts Council is an organization stimulating the practice and promoting, encouraging, appreciation of the arts. There are several annual events and trips.

While volunteers don't replace Arts Council members, you could greatly enhance the Counciul activities in Henry County by becoming a "Friend of the Arts" There are several ways to help the Arts Council with all of their activities. Come by the Arts Council office for a Volunteer Calendar or fill out an Application

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