The Paris Henry County Arts Council, along with the Henry County Tourism Authority, are excited to announce the 2018 Catfish on Parade project.

Example of catfish statue.

Example of catfish statue.

Project Overview:

Catfish on Parade is a public arts project focused on encouraging and supporting arts, tourism, and commerce in the Henry County area. Local artists will work with PHCAC to create unique designs for fiberglass catfish statues (see image on left). The designs will then be presented for purchase to local businesses, associations, and groups, to be displayed permanently and publicly in the Henry County area. Once a design is purchased, the artist will be provided the catfish figure and will be responsible for completing the design by the deadline.

Call to artists:

PHCAC will assign a selection committee to approve designs based on submitted proposals. All designs must be approved by the committee. An approved design does not guarantee that the design will be purchased. Artists should submit a mock-up of their design(s), along with a total cost that includes both materials and artist fee. If chosen, artists will be responsible for procuring their own materials within the budget they proposed. The artist total cost will be added to the costs covered by the sponsors (cost of mold, shipping, and final coating) and presented to the public as one total cost for that particular design. Local businesses will purchase a catfish figure based on both design and total cost. 

We will also need artists who can create custom designs for local businesses. Maybe the Henry County Sheriff's Department will want a catfish in uniform. Or Twin Lakes Dental will want a catfish with a mouth full of beautiful teeth. Someone will certainly want to have a catfish dressed in Patriot gear! Please consider submitting an artist fee for a custom design.

Deadline for submission HAS BEEN EXTENDED!

Click the link below to email your name and phone number and attach your design. If the link doesn't work, please email the same to