Elizabeth Cook

I am a self-taught photographer from Paris, a graduate from HCHS, and I am currently a sophomore at Bethel University in McKenzie, TN. I am currently a College Board member of Youth for the Arts and a part of the Renaissance Theater program at Bethel. Growing up I did photography as much as I could, by entering local 4-H Photography contests and Artist Showcases. My beginning works were mainly of flowers and my dog Sam, with the occasional posed photo of a friend or family member. Over the years my work has progressed to more sophisticated subjects like Architecture, Landscapes, Abstract works, and actual models.

In my photography I try to achieve two things: Perfection and to tell a story. Perfection to me is something that can never be achieved, but can be imitated. To some this sounds almost insane to want perfection in photography, but to me it is somewhat of an everyday thing. I have a moderate version of OCD, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, in my case I am not constantly making things "perfect"; On the contrary, I see what the photograph is going to become and I have to achieve what my mind has pictured until it is finished. So for me, perfection is achieved when the photograph I have taken becomes the image that I have visualized in my mind. The second part that I try to achieve when I take pictures is to tell a story. As a child we all love to listen to stories that are told by a beloved family member, and for me this is a way to remember my past by telling my story or the story of who or what I am photographing through my work. In many of my photographs I try to capture something to make the viewer wonder what the story behind that photograph is or just to inspire some kind of emotion within them.

My future plans are to use my photography in my career as a Marketing Director or as a Professional Photographer.

Burger King Schedule

May - 28th Annual Artist Showcase Winners June - Mary Lodge- Photography
July - Donna Revelee- Art
August - Tracey Shepherd - Photography
September- Bobbi Kirk - Art
October - Elizabeth Cook - Photography
November - Jessie Wells - Art
December - HCHS Art Department - Art

January -HCHS Art Department - Art
February - Dr. Kimberlin - Photography
March - Doreen Bates - Art
April - 21st Annual Photo Showcase Winners
May - 28th Annual Artist Showcase Winners
June- Dr. Gulish - Photography


  • 1st Tuesday morning of the Month is when art work is switched.
  • Take Down between 8am-8:30am on that Tuesday morning or the night before.
  • Put Up between 8:30am-9:00am on that Tuesday morning.
  • Must be in a frame with a sturdy wire hanger.
    [You may put a card with your name and phone number in the corner of your frames]
  • E-mail biography to Arts Council office (City Hall) one week in advance. Bio must be no longer than one page!
  • E-mail biography and pictures of your work to Jim Lacey for website - jim_lacey@jamarassociates.com
  • Please stop by Burger King prior to your show to check out facility.
  • No more than 4 pieces
  • For further information call Arts Council at 731-642-3955 [mobile: 731-697-6747] or e-mail
  • Paris Henry County Arts Council is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen work.
Elizabeth Cook Photography